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Inventory that 3 d printing interesting applications

Release time:2019-02-22  Click volume:2512
3D printing is a kind of rapid prototyping technology. It is based on a digital model file and uses a bondable material such as powder metal or plastic to construct an object by layer-by-layer printing. In contrast to the reduction of traditional machine tools, 3D printers are processed with “additives”. This unique processing method gives 3D printers a wide range of applications. Let's take a look at some interesting applications for 3D printing.
3D printing manufacturing house
In 2015, Russian designer Nikita Chen-iun-tai proposed a circular 3D printer called ApisCor. This 3D printer has a rotating base and a crane-like rotating arm that can be rotated in all directions to print the entire house from the inside out. Coincidentally, China has also launched a 3D building boom in the past two years. In 2017, a rural area in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province
3D printing technology has built a four-story building. Although there are still few 3D printing applications, it is foreseeable that when this technology matures, many architectural problems can be effectively solved.
3D print making food
In fact, the application of 3D printing in food is still quite a lot. For example, there is a 3D printer that prints candy in the UK. This machine can turn hand-painted patterns, information, and even selfies into candy. In addition to this creative application, 3D printing can also completely liberate the kitchen. A professor in South Korea named Jin-KyuRhee developed a 3D printer that converts powdered ingredients into food. With it, a healthy diet is released with a single click.
3D printing to make animal prosthetics
I saw a news on the Internet before, and a group of caring people "printed" a duck's foot for a duck that lost his foot. This duck's foot is made entirely with reference to the other foot of the duck, and the size is very suitable. At present, many animal protection organizations have begun to use this technology to rescue wild animals that have lost limbs or parts of bones (such as teeth and jaw bones). In addition, some scientists have begun to try to make human prostheses with 3D printers.
The richness of 3D printing materials, the use of this technology in medicine will become wider and wider.
3D print making clothes
Making clothes with 3D printing technology can not only achieve a variety of exaggerated three-dimensional shapes, but also achieve the effect of "seamless seamless" in a true sense. The most exciting thing is that it can completely eliminate the big problem of the size of the clothes. At present, designers have brought the 3D printed costumes to the show.
3D printing manufacturing car
3D printing technology is widely used in the automotive field. Many automakers have begun to try to use it in the production of complex parts of the car. The world-renowned automaker localMotors has launched an electric convertible concept called Strati. The car has a top speed of 80Km/h and is equipped with a 6.1kWh battery and a cruising range of about 100Km. Many people are very optimistic about the prospects of 3D printing technology in the automotive field, and believe that it will become a "disruptive" technology.
3D print production portrait
With 3D printing technology, the wax figure may not be so popular. After all, the fine production process is not as realistic as the one made by scanning my whole body data. Xiaobian has seen the "human skin mask" made by 3D printing on the Internet, which is exactly the same as me! Wearing such a mask, I really don't know if I will get through the "eyes" of all kinds of face recognition devices.
Technology makes people happy, and watching these interesting applications of 3D printing, are you full of embarrassment about this technology? Maybe in the near future, ordinary people can live in a 3D printed house, eat food made by 3D printers, and drive cars made with 3D printing technology to work!