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EOS industrial 3 d printing technology help build pioneering jet flight suit

Release time:2019-02-19  Click volume:1204

Frankfurt, Germany, November 13, 2018 - EOS, a global technical expert in 3D printing for the metal and polymer materials industry, unveiled at the Frankfurt International Precision Molding and 3D Printing Manufacturing Exhibition from November 13th to 16th and showed its A diversified portfolio of solutions in the 3D printing arena. At the same time, based on the recent cooperation with Gravity Industries, EOS will also exhibit jet flight suits made by Gravity Industries at the G50 booth in Hall 3.1. At 12:30 on November 14th, Frankfurt local time, visitors can go to Hall 3 to watch a flight demonstration by Dr. Angelo Grubisic, Flight Training Director of Gravity Industries.


Founded in 2017, Gravity Industries is a technology startup that aims to achieve human flight. This flight suit, which is applying for a technology patent, aims to revolutionize the way of transportation and help achieve unprecedented flight patterns. The flight suit is a combination of 3D printed parts, professional electronic parts and five jet engines. All synthetic parts are developed in a flexible and composite technology. This flight suit, which combines a variety of innovative technologies, has a power performance equivalent to 1000 horsepower, and the flight speed can reach more than 70 kilometers per hour.


Güngör Kara, chief digital officer of EOS, stressed: “Richard and his team are constantly broadening the boundaries of possibilities. As a pioneer in industrial 3D printing, EOS has the same spirit of innovation. To create this jet suit, Gravity Industries needs high-quality parts to provide high stability, while also reducing the weight of parts to support continuous iteration and optimization of the product. This is where the additive manufacturing can take advantage because it promotes enterprise upgrade design and manufacturing. Ways to provide real added value. In this era, constantly breaking the limits is a necessary condition for innovation."

EOS is currently working with Gravity Industries to continuously improve the performance of jet suits through design optimization and additive manufacturing techniques for related components. Based on EOS polymer material technology, the cable routing, electronics and battery casing of the flight suit are produced by additive manufacturing technology. At the same time, EOS metal 3D printing technology is also applied to the arm jet bracket and thrust controller of the flight suit. During the project cooperation, the R&D team replaced the titanium powder material with aluminum powder materials, which not only achieved significant cost compression, but also reduced the weight of the arm jet bracket by 10%. With additive manufacturing techniques, design optimization can be quickly implemented, such as enabling fast design iterations. Today, the original eight parts of the jet suit are reduced to three by additive manufacturing, and the reduction in the number of connectors further reduces the potential risk. At the same time, the new bionic design also allows the jet flight suit to have a lightweight connection structure. All of this further simplifies the subsequent assembly of the flight suit.


Richard Browning, founder and chief test pilot of Gravity Industries, said: "I used to experience the Royal Marines. When I started thinking about inventing jet suits, it gave me a lot of inspiration. Because my daily life was a breakthrough. My own limits. For me, innovation comes from courage and courage to think about impossible things. Today, we have broadened the boundaries of 'possible' and are creating different futures through everyday innovation. In this exciting process, additive manufacturing has greatly helped us."

About Gravity Industries

Founded in March 2017, Gravity Industries' vision is to re-imagine the way humans fly by using cutting-edge technology to build the perfect combination of human mind, body and machine. Gravity Industries is strengthening human physical and mental functions through a series of patent-pending technologies to achieve unprecedented human flight behavior. Gravity has successfully developed jet flight suits based on this vision. To date, more than one billion people worldwide have experienced Gravity Industries' innovative product technologies through online video. In the seven days of video release, the number of views has exceeded 60 million. In the year after its establishment, Gravity has successfully held 57 flight events and 4 TED talks in 19 countries.