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Company Overview

Ningbo Zhongyuan Advanced Materials Technologies Co., Ltd. uses first-class powder production technology by vacuum gas atomization (VIGA) and flawless induction melting gas atomization (EIGA) , to engage in R&D with production of amorphous alloy powder, brazing powder, Titanium alloy powder, Nickel-based alloy powder for super alloy, heat-resistant alloy steel powder and mould steel powder. The sphericity, oxygen content, fluidity and particle size distribution of Zhongyuan advanced metal powder have reached the first-class level of similar products in the world. Our products are aimed at the global high-end metal powder market and are applied in the fields of additive manufacturing, aerospace, nuclear industry, spraying, intelligent manufacturing, etc.

We have a first-class team with highly educated and experienced professionals in R&D, production operation, investment and financing management. Zhongyuan is committed to building a national brand with core technology. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you wholeheartedly!